Background to the project

My name is Arvid, I live in Sweden and I've been interested in mechanics which has developed in a huge car interest. Currently, as a student all my spare money goes directly to my car.

I've bought my first own car in February 2006, it was a Beetle from 1967. This particular car rolled of the line in Wolfsburg in august 1966, so it's among the first -67:s, and was equipped with a 44 hp strong 1500 cc 4 cylinder boxer air cooled engine getting it's fuel from a centre mounted Solex 30-Pict 1 carburettor. It's transmitted the power to the wheels via a four-speed gearbox sitting in front of the engine. The power was then directed to the differential and via swing axles to the wheels.
It had disc brakes in the front, first time ever for a Beetle, and drums in the back. The weight was rather light 870 kg including driver and fuel. The performance was exceptional with a 0-80 kph time in just 13 seconds toping out at a fine 130 kph.

After some adventures it came into my hands one February morning. I bought it because I had saved enough money to buy a car while working and was tired of walk to work every day. And as I just happened to like air cooled Volkswagens the decision was a goo one. The first year and a half nothing really happened with the car except that I drove it and took care of it. By autumn 2006 I had gotten in to a school about 1000 km from where I lived at Luleň Technical University at a program that would be specialized towards working in the car industries. This particular program was outsourced to the towns of Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur and I ended up in Arjeplog. When I'm done I will a Bachelor in Automotive Engineering.

For the first year at my new location things went by as usual, but ever since I bought the car I wanted to put a new and more powerful engine in the car, so I had picked up a 1.8 litre Type 4 engine from a VW Kleinbus in the summer and was planning to just stick it in another Beetle that I happened to have, which was a 1303S a.k.a. Super Beetle, but I found out that it didn't fit right away. At that time I didn't have access to a garage that I could use so it was not until the begging of 2007 that I could start working with the car properly. When the summer approached I realized that there was no way I could finish the built the way I wanted so I putted it on hold during the summer while working and planning exactly what to do.

When the school started again in the autumn I had a pretty clear picture what I wanted to do with the car. More about this is to be found under project.