A continuence of a project that started late in 2007. It was meant to be a track but in the course of events I have decided to make it as a dragracer instead.
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The new goal
Make a dragrace car out of a humble 1967 Type 1. Being able to pass a quarter mile in under 10 seconds.

The new recipe
An old project can take new turns, armed with a rollcage and rust free pan and a body in really good shape the transformation can begin. Cut to shed weight and easy mending of the car. Real connections for fuel, oil and electricity. Turbocharged Type 4 for reliably power.

The new future
To handle the future power of a 2.45 liter engine with all the tricks the car has to be fitted with real sticky tires to go and four-pot calipers allround to stop. To go real fast some aerodynamics has to be built and more pipes in the cage. The gearbox has to change for a custom built Mendola or a like.

The old goal
To create a road going yet track able car with lots of fun behind the wheel.

The old recipe
Take one VW 1500 Type 1 put the gearbox from IRS-beetle and a turbocharged 1.8 litre Type-4 in the back. Fill the interior of the car with pipes, racing seats and a six point harness and hope you get protected if you someday would roll the car. Have your disc brakes grooved and get some proper cooling for them. Put sway bars in the back and front just to be safe. As a Grande finale lighten the body where ever you can.

The old future
Put 944 Turbo brakes and trailing arms in the back. Space frame with a-arms and 944 Turbo brakes in the front. New forged 93 mm piston, H-beam rod, 66 mm counterweight crankshaft, special turbo camshaft, fully ported heads and bigger turbo all working to get a higher out put on the engine.