2009-05-11 Exhaust
The breather is finished and a handbrake console is nearly finished. And something interesting has been done, two pipes of the header has been built.
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2009-04-05 Fuel tank
The last week something finally happend, I did something! The fuel tank is nearly finished it only need two sides. And I've made a catchtank, or breather, tank for the engine out of an old fire extinguisher.
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2009-03-23 Slow progress
Not much have been going on with the car the last few weeks since there has been exam period at shool, but I bought a new turbo and I figured out that the gastank won't be used since it was to thin metal for me to weld. The turbo is a Holset HX50 measuring 67mm inlet and 77mm outlet, it should be capable of over 600 horsepower under the right circumstances. The plans for the engine has changed, due to cost I will build a 2007cc engine with 90.5mm bore and 78mm stroke. This combination is cheaper to seal under boost versus the 100mm bore I originally planned.
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2009-03-08 The non-turner
After summer when school startd and I could get to the car there were some doubts what to do. To get it as track car and street legal there was alot to be done such new front suspension, better brakes all around etc. The engine was broke in but due to neglegence on my part there was some issues with it, the lifters went flat and something had gotten in the intake and down the cylinder to bang it up pretty nice.
I then bought a 1303S to put a near standar Type 4 into it and Porsche 944 suspension all around, but the car that I bought was in far worse state than I first anticipated, so that idea was scraped and sold in bits and pieces.
The original blue beetle was quite really suited to be more of a dragracer than a track car and I had wanted a Beetle made for dragracing so the cars got some new goals. It already got a rollcage and a no-rust pan, so it was really suited to be a drag car.
The plans this time was to cut the car but no corners. One major thing that really bugged me with the previous version was the lack of srew connection, both for fuel and oil. So this time round I would do it proper and don't use hose clamps on high pressure connection.
The body was cut some, mostly to easy maintenance in the future. The front inner fenders were discarded and teh front support for the body was cut away. A frame to hang the front valance and support a gas tank was built insted. The wings will be cliped on.
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2008-08-31 Mega update
It's been way to long since there was an uodate here. Since last time the rollcage is fully welded with all the struts and braces I wanted for this season. The engine was assembled with new bearings and piston rings. The cam was changes for an aftermarket one.
The brake system got new lines and bigger cylinders in the back for increased braking power. The dashboard got a centered revcounter, boost gauge, oil temp and pressure.
The fuel delivery system consisted if an original gast tank with three fittings welded onto it that two low pressure pump was connected to that fed an 1.5 liter catchtank and to the high pressure pump to the fuel rails.
The manifold and exhaust system completed, with some clearing. Intercooler mount and pressure piping was done aswell. The oilcooler was mounted ontop of the intercooler. I've had trouble with the trigger wheel and wasted spark system so I went back to old fashion distributor. After some fiddeling I got it to start, and it was time to get the car more road ready.
The body was lifted onto the chassi and the wiring was done and test start and run in was schedueld.
After much trying back and forth with diferent setup on the software and hardware I gave up, it's really sad but I just hadn't any place to be anymore and other factors the project was put on hold for the summer.
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2008-03-17 Roll cage
The roll cage is nearly complete, just need some finishing touches and the solid gearbox mountings is complete.
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2008-03-10 Rollcage fitting and a seat
During the weekend I've built a bracket to mount the seat that was delivered earlier. The rollcages main arch is now in place.
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2008-03-03Intake making
The intake was built this week.
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2008-02-26 Engine fiddle
Glass fibre tins, tested out on the engine.
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2008-02-10 Chassi done and body on
I've painted all of the chassi and fitted the body onto the pan. Some fiddeling with engine, too.
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2008-01-29 First update
On this site I will present my current project vehicle, which is a VW Type 1, better known as the Beetle. This is the first time I've uploaded so you will find some info and specs on the original car and some background on my project, pictures and text about work and modifications that has already been done.
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