Project: Engine

What kind of engine will propel this little car? Originally it came with an air cooled 1.5 litre flat-4. It had to air cooled, cheap, reliable and able to handle some power. The choice was and Type 4-engine found in seventies VW buses, 411/412 and the VW-Porsche 914, why type 4?. Luckily only about one kilometre from our summer house was small junkyard and I was able to find a mid 70:s bus still with engine in it. The engine was a 1.8 litre, code AP, with the biggest valves for the Type 4 outside the 914, 41 mm intake and 34 mm exhaust valves, a stroke of 66 mm and cylinder bore of 93 mm. At first I was just going to stick it in my 1303S, but it turned out to be a lot harder and more time consuming then I expected so it was put on hold for a while.

Bye the end of summer 2007 I had made up my mind about the first stage of the engine. It was getting new piston rings, bearings, oil pump, oil galley plugs, harder valve springs and a little better camshaft since the engine was in pretty good shape. I'm going to gently remove some imperfections in the ports so air flows better and maybe try to port the exhaust side. The fuel and spark will be delivered via MegaSquirt'n'Spark engine management system, ignition will by of wasted spark type with components from a 90:s for Escort.

This will be topped with a turbo system, consisting of a turbo from a SAAB 9000 originally having 175 hp, this may actually be a little to small down the road my it should work ok for now, and a large intercooler lying in position over where the rear seat ones was.

Here follows some pictures that are a little older than the current project. The oldest pictures are at the top.

The original 1500 engine
Disassembly of T4 engine
01ascf0017.jpg 01ascf0026.jpg
Cylinder and pistons
01bscf0022.jpg 01bscf0023.jpg
The case is split
The crank is out
Cleaning of block
01cscf0007.jpg 01cscf0008.jpg
A little cleaner
01cscf0013.jpg 01cscf0020.jpg 01cscf0021.jpg
Engine thru-bolts
First trial assembly
02bscf0004.jpg 02cscf0003.jpg 00ascf0009.jpg
Turbo from SAAB 9000
Inlet manifolds from a FI Type 4
00ascf0014.jpg 03ascf0001.jpg
Trial exhaust construction
03bscf0012.jpg 04ascf0001.jpg
04ascf0003.jpg 05ascf0013.jpg
MegaSquirt assembly
05ascf0017.jpg 05ascf0018.jpg 05ascf0021.jpg 05ascf0022.jpg
05ascf0023.jpg 05bscf0001.jpg 05bscf0002.jpg
Almost done
Stock oil galley plugs
Drilling and tapping new oil galley plugs
06fscf0019.jpg 06fscf0027.jpg
Full flow oil system
06fscf0031.jpg 06fscf0032.jpg 06fscf0035.jpg
06fscf0036.jpg jscf0004.jpg
Cooling tin try-out
jscf0005.jpg jscf0006.jpg
Glass fibre tins
jscf0007.jpg jscf0008.jpg jscf0009.jpg kscf0001.jpg
kscf0003.jpg kscf0004.jpg kscf0006.jpg
Trigger wheel
kscf0019.jpg kscf0021.jpg
kscf0024.jpg kscf0030.jpg
Connecting pipe and throttle body flange
kscf0032.jpg kscf0034.jpg
Throttle body
What can this be?
Engine in car
Alternator stand bracket
nscf0125.jpg nscf0128.jpg
nscf0130.jpg nscf0135.jpg
Exhaust manifold
nscf0142.jpg nscf0143.jpg
nscf0149.jpg nscf0157.jpg nscf0162.jpg nscf0166.jpg
nscf0168.jpg nscf0169.jpg nscf0171.jpg oscf0001.jpg
oscf0007.jpg oscf0010.jpg oscf0012.jpg oscf0013.jpg
oscf0015.jpg pscf0029.jpg pscf0032.jpg pscf0034.jpg
pscf0037.jpg pscf0038.jpg pscf0039.jpg pscf0040.jpg
pscf0041.jpg pscf0043.jpg pscf0044.jpg pscf0057.jpg
pscf0058.jpg pscf0063.jpg pscf0065.jpg pscf0068.jpg
tscf0019.jpg tscf0020.jpg tscf0030.jpg tscf0035.jpg
tscf0037.jpg tscf0040.jpg tscf0041.jpg tscf0051.jpg