Project: Interior

This is going to be kind of a racer so there will be no padding and sound deadening material. There will probably just be some floor mats in the front for protection of the floor. The seats will be racing inspired and with these there will be a little problem to get to the backseat so there will not be one, and also the engines intercooled will be in the way. The steering wheel will be rally inspired with three spokes and mocha rim.

On the dashboard the speedometer have to move away for a tachometer, which is the racers most important instrument. There will also be gauges for oil pressure and temperature, boost pressure, and maybe exhaust gas and head temperature. The roll cage will also be noticed in the inside of the car.

Spmetime ago I cought a console for a hydraulic handbrake. And since I'm going to be operating the rear and front wheels individual it had to be modified. I simply added mounting space for another brake cylinder.

A slot for the handbrake lever
dscf0257.jpg dscf0256.jpg
Monted in the car
dscf0252.jpg dscf0250.jpg
Handbrake console
Model of pedal assembly
Gear lever
New, more rigid
Starting point

Older pictures

Early when I drove the car I broke of the gear lever. It was clear that I had to build something a little more solid, so I did. It feels really good and the flex is now concentrated to the rubber bushing under the former rear seats. Hopefully I will be abe to make a new pedal assambly so I started building one out of cardboard.

The dash has got a centered revcounter and some extra gauges to keep track of the oil temperature and pressure. Mounting points for a six-point harness has been done.

After getting my long a waited seat i made a bracket for it so that the height seating height was acceptable, there are some adjustement in with the seat up/down and some fore/aft.